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MAX232CPE- The RS232 Interface Chip


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BR851232 2.22

The MAX3232CPE has a proprietary low-dropout transmitter stage enabling true RS232 performance from 3V to 5.5Vdc supplies. The internal power supply consists of a regulated dual charge pump that produces output voltages of +5.5V and -5.5V, from an input voltage range of 3V to 5.5V. Requiring only four 0.1F external capacitors, (for use with the charge pump circuitry) the device is guaranteed to run at data rates of 120kps while maintaining RS232 output levels. The MAX3232CPE has two receivers and two drivers and is ideal for 3.3V systems, mixed 3.3V/5V systems, or 5V systems that require true RS232 performance. The device consumes only 250A, has a 4V/s slew rate and is pin and functionally compatible with the industry standard MAX232. Applications include computers, notebooks, palmtops, battery powered equipment, hand-held equipment and peripherals. Supplied in an 18-pin DIL package. Check datasheet for MAX232CPE



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