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Add-on Sound Module


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BR809111 103.12
The Sound Module is a small recording and playback studio. With an 8KHz bandwidth, both voice and music are handled with good quality. There is a small microphone on-board for recording, or you can use the line-in connection for a direct recording. Similarly, the sound produced can be heard using the miniature speaker, or can be directed to the line-out jack. There are 150 message slots, each 0.4 seconds, for a total of 60 seconds of sound. You may use these message slots as one large message, 150 very short messages, or any permutation thereof. These message slots may be recorded and played individually or in contiguous groups using a BASIC Stamp or any other intelligent device capable of RS-232 (TTL level) communication. BS2 and Board of Education recommended, but not required.


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