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Line Follower Module



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BR809115 79.95
The Line Follower module uses a multi-sensor array over which you have complete programmatic control. This level of control allows you to develop line following algorithms that range from simple to advanced. Since the module uses reflective sensors, it contains a threshold adjustment that can tune the sensor array to the ambient light conditions. The module connects to the BOE-Bot AppMod socket with a simple ribbon cable and male-male header. Where is line following technology be implemented in the real world? Factories route mail & package delivery Snowplow vehicles can sense the road (using magnetic lines), obstacles, and other vehicles on "smart" highways The Line Follower Module consists of: Printed Documentation, Pre-assembled Line Follower module, Ribbon cable assembly, 2x10 dual-row header, (2) 1" female-female hex stanndoff (4) 4/40 x 3/8" screw, (2) nylon washer, Parallax Screwdriver



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