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Cyclone SmartPack with EP1C20


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The Stratix and Cyclone SmartPacks and FastPack make it easy for you to explore powerful new FPGAs from Altera. FPGAs are reconfigurable logic chips which contain many thousands of gates. We’re using these chips to develop the logic for our own custom chips. If you’ve ever wanted to break beyond the constraints imposed by micro-controllers and make your own systems, instead, this is what you need.

Click here to get the latest Quartus II Web Edition Version 3.0 Software from Altera (for use with the Parallax Cyclone SmartPack and Cyclone FastPack). Very large download (120 MB). Visit Altera's website for information such as data sheets, application notes, design utilities, and features are available. 

The Cyclone is a cost-reduced version of the Stratix. Built in the same technology, the Cyclone is similar to the Stratix, but lacks the 512kb RAMs and DSP blocks. The Cyclone SmartPack provides everything you need to begin development with the Cyclone family. It features an EP1C20F324 which has 20k LE's and 64 x 4kb internal RAMs.  Both packs are a great choice for design engineers to work with the Cyclone device family. The Cyclone Family may be programmed in AHDL, Verilog, or VHDL.

An extremely cost-effective development tools have been designed by Parallax to give engineers the opportunity to explore the features of the Altera Cyclone device family. The Cyclone SmartPack provides you with everything necessary to begin development with the Cyclone FPGA. The SmartPack neatly presents the Cyclone device with all required support circuitry, plus a simple serial port loader.

The Cyclone SmartPack includes the following:

  • Cyclone EP1C20F324C7 device
  • Voltage regulators and power jack
  • Clock socket with 50 MHz oscillator
  • DB9 serial port with Tx and Rx (loader overrides during configuration
  • 8 LEDs
  • Reset button
  • Serial Cable
  • 5VDC power supply
  • Parallax loader software
  • Quartus(r) II Web Edition design software
  • .100" headers with 128 I/O's, VCCIO, and GND
  • Parallax's serial loader with 8Mbit boot flash

Downloads and resources:

SmartPack Documentation (.zip)

Quartus II Web Edition Software (html)

Altera's Web Site (html)
Cyclone Software, Source Code, and Documentation



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