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Hex Crawler Tilt/Pan Sensor Scanning System (S3) Kit


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BR980071 133.65
The S3 is a fully adjustable tilt pan system allowing you to attach sensors and cameras of all shapes and sizes. The Sensor Scanning System can be attached to your robot platform at any angle without effecting its panning capabilities. Rock solid design eliminates any excess sensor shake or instability during operation. This system can pan and tilt horizontally and vertically to 180 degrees.

The kit includes the following parts:
  • (1) Sensor Scanning System Hardware Kit
  • (1) HiTec HS-55 Feather servo
  • (1) HiTec HS-85BB Mighty Micro servo
  • (2) HiTec 18" Heavy Duty Servo Extension Wires
  • (1) S3 Construction Manual
The S3 system has been custom designed to fit onto the front support bracket or the front, top deck of the HexCrawler. However, the back and lower plate have expansion slots that will accommodate virtually any other robotic platform you currently may be using.


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