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Boe Bot Tank Tread Kit



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NEW! Click here for a picture of the assembled Boe-Bot Tank!

Turn your Boe-Bot into a Tank with this new add on kit from Parallax. Simply remove the wheels from your Boe-Bot and attach the gears and tread to give your Boe-Bot the ability to traverse unfriendly terrain.

The Boe-Bot is sold separately. The parts list includes the following items:

  • (6) Machined Panhead screw 4-40, 3/8

  • (22) 4/40 Nut, zinc plated machine nut

  • (2) 1.5" 4/40 Pan Head screw

  • (8) 1/4" 4/40 Screw, Pan Head, Philips

  • (8) Screw,Pan Head,Philips,4-40,7/8"

  • (2) Spacer, Rnd, Alum, #4, 1.25"

  • (2) BOE-Bot Tank Metal

  • (1) Tank Wheel and Tread Set

  • Printed documentation

Boe-Bot Tank Tread Kit Documentation (.pdf)
Advanced Boe-Bot Tank Tread Demo (.bs2)

Boe-Bot Accessories
Boe-Bot Full Kit (BR988132)



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