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Movie: Compass Add-on

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Movie: Whisker

Now with Robotics text v2.0! The new text includes 41 actitvities for the Boe-Bot and PBASIC 2.5 source code support. 

The Boe-Bot is built on a high-quality brushed aluminum chassis that provides a sturdy platform for the continuous rotation servo motors and Board of Education programming board. Mounting holes and slots may be used to add custom robotic equipment. The rear wheel is a drilled polyethylene ball held in place with a cotter pin. Wheels are machined to fit precisely on the servo spline and held in place with a small screw.

The Boe-Botís flexibility stems from the fact that itís a rolling Board of Education. All I/O projects are built on the breadboard. The Board of Education (and BS2-IC) may be removed to be used as your platform for the other Stamps in Class curriculum. The robot may be programmed to follow a line, solve a maze, follow light, or communicate with another robot by following the instruction of the Robotics text.

Extra activities which may require additional parts for your Boebot include: making your Boe-Bot talk with a speech board, maze contests, line following, interfacing direction sensors, and using RF modules and video/camera equipment to build a Video-Bot.

To get a visual of the Boe-Bot in action, check out our Movies


Line Follower AppMod

Give Direction to your Boe-Bot
Boe-Bot Accessories 
BoeBot Crawler Kit
USB to Serial (DB-9) Adapter


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