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Hex Crawler can be used as an educational tool for Mechanical Engineering and Programming Courses. It is an expandable walking platform built on a high quality 0.63 gauge 5052A Type II Anodized Aluminum chassis providing sleek platform for 12 servo motors and controllers. 

The full kit allows you to get started with set of useful and flexible tools including the BR848262 (the BS2-IC), Board of Education, 12 servos, and 2 Mini SSC's allowing you to customize your robot with additional accessories. Mounting holes and slots may be used to add custom robotics equipment.

The Hex crawler circuits are built on the Board of Education. Together with some additional accessories, the Hex crawler robot may be programmed to perform all sorts of neat movements. The detailed manual gets you started with a number of complete programs. Once you have mastered the supplied code, you can easily customize it using your own programming creativity. We recommend checking out the manual and source code below so you can understand the level of complexity involved with the assembly and programming of this kit. The kit is not complete, since you are required to supply hand tools, a 6 cell battery pack, mounting hardware for the Mini SSC and a 9V battery (not included).

Hex Crawler Full Kit:

  • (1) Hex Crawler Hardware Kit
  • (1) Hex Crawler Manual
  • (1) BASIC Stamp Manual
  • (12) Standard Servos
  • (2) Mini SSC 2s
  • (1) BASIC Stamp 2 Module
  • (1) Board of Education
  • (1) 7-segment LED
  • (7) 1K Ohm resistors
  • (2) 10K Ohm resistors
  • (2) Pushbutton
  • (2) 220 ohm resistors
  • (1) bag 3" Jumper Wires
  • (1) Serial cable
  • (1) Parallax CD-ROM

The Hex Crawler Full Kit includes the HexCrawler Chassis, 12 Parallax Servos, HexCrawler Assembly and Programming Manual, BASIC Stamp Manual, Parallax CD-ROM, BASIC Stamp 2 module, Board of Education programming board, (2) Scott Edwards Mini SSC II serial servo controllers, resistors, 2 pushbuttons, 7 segment LED.  Detailed information is outlined here:

  • Audience:  Advanced Robot Enthusiasts

  • Power Supply:  9V Battery, and 6 cell battery pack (not included).  Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH) batteries are best suited for the HexCrawler. These batteries range from 1000 to 3000 series and are readily available at most hobby shops such as Tower Hobbies.  For development purposes, Parallax and Crust Crawler use the 3000 series Ni-MH batteries. When properly tuned, the HexCrawler can walk up to an hour of continuous use before a recharge of a 3000 series Ni-MH battery.

  • Assembly Tools:  Angled cutters, small Phillips screwdriver, and 1/4 wrench (not included)

  • Time Required to Build and Program:  6.0 hours - The Hex Crawler's 100 page manual guides you through the assembly process step by step and includes 8 sample source code programs to get you off the ground.

  • Chassis Dimensions: Main body is 13" long, 8" wide, and 6" tall.  Overall dimensions with complete legs are 13" x 14.5" (leg to leg).

  • Height: 6" standing, 4.86" squatting

  • Ground Clearance: The Hex Crawler's legs are fully adjustable. Each leg offers 2 fulcrum points to choose from in the event your HexCrawler needs to carry extra heavy loads. Each leg can also be extended for greater ground clearance (from 3" to 4.75").

  • Leg Movement: 2 degrees of freedom (vertical and horizontal)

  • Weight: Total kit is 4.2 lbs with servos and electronics (no battery pack)

  • Payload Capacity:  7.5 pounds

  • Chassis Material: Super strong .063 Gauge 5052 aluminum with type II anodizing for weather and scratch resistance.  Crust Crawler machines the aluminum within 1/100" tolerance values, using state of the art drill and punch machines.  During the anodizing process, the machined parts are "bright dipped" to give them a bright sheen and then type II anodized to the specified color. Type II anodizing indicates the type of hard finish that is applied during the the anodizing process to prevent scratches and weathering to the finished product. Type II is one of the hardest non-military specification anodizing processes that can be applied to a commercial product.

  • Object Detection: You can purchase additional accessories and and add-on modules and connect them to the Hex Crawler.

  • Customization: Over 155 sq. inches of total prototyping space is available on the HexCrawler body. 

  • Programming Specifications: The HexCrawler program contains 3 fully adjustable walking gaits in just one program!  All programs are completely configurable through an easy to use interface or programmatically depending on your application. The code is considered RF ready, just substitute the switch with the RF package of your choice and you are now wireless!

     1) Ripple forward and backward: This gate resembles that of a bug similar to a Genghis gait
     2) Tripod forward and backward: Three legs move at once forming a tripod resulting in a very 
         balanced smooth stride.
     3) Turning: The robot can turn in place left and right, literally.

  • Expandability: Breadboard or through-hole Add-on modules will connect easily to the Add-on header. Expandability is possible with the following add-ons (not included): BR808019 (SSIR Detectors), BR809113 (Compass)RF modules.


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