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Programming the SX Microcontroller: A Complete Guide


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New version of the Daubach book! Now included in the SX Tech Tool Kit PLUS kit.

If you're ready to learn assembly language programming and the SX architecture, this is the book. The book begins with a step-by-step tutorial demonstrating the Parallax SX-Key software and programming tool. This covers the SX-Key debugger, registers/code windows while developing timing-based programs. The following chapters of the book provide detailed explanations of architecture including register use, memory configuration, interrupts and stack management. Short program examples are used to demonstrate arithmetic and logic instructions, Virtual Peripherals and UARTs. Applications examples in the second half of the book include function generators, pulse width modulation, analog to digital conversion, reading keypads, controlling LED displays, serial bus communication, and programming the SX Tech Bot.

The SX-Key software and all of Günther's example programs are available for download below.

Published by Parallax, Inc. Press; 431 pp; ISBN 1-928982-29-6

The SX-Key software and all of Günther’s example programs are available on the Parallax CD or as a free download here


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