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Basic Stamp 2p 40 Pin Test Board

Designed to work with the 16 additional I/O pins, Dallas Semiconductor 1-Wire® communications, Philips I2C communications and working with standard parallel LCDs (with Hitachi HD44780 or compatible driver). The BS2p40 Demo Board is not exclusive to the BS2p family; it is physically and electrically compatible with all 24-pin BS2-series BASIC Stamps.

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BR835186 £114.09
These are the features of the board:
  • Standard 2.1 mm center-positive DC power jack
  • Blue Dot Receptor Seral Cable
  • DB9-F connector for serial programming
  • On-board 5-volt regulator (LM2940 low-dropout)
  • Solderless breadboard
  • 14-pin IDC connector for LCD (Parallax stocks separately a 2 x 16 Parallel LCD with cable
  • Contrast potentiometer for LCD
  • Selectable pull-up resistor for 1-Wire®bus (1 kW) and pull-down for LCD enable pin (4.7 kW)
  • Connections for P0 - P15, A0 - A15, Vin, Vdd, Vss and 1-Wire® connection
A BASIC Stamp or Javelin Stamp is not included with this programming board. Click on the respective links to select a Stamp.

2x16 Parallel LCD
BASIC Stamp 2p40 module


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