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Basic Stamp 2 OEM Assembled
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BR837290 £49.76
The OEM BASIC Stampģ 2 module is a through-hole version of the popular BASIC Stamp 2 module. This assembled module includes the PBASIC interpreter, EEPROM, resonator, DB-9, and all the resistors and transistors. Presented in a 20-pin SIP module format with standard 0.1"spacing. The PC board includes labeled component locations with visible traces between parts. PBASIC interpreter and EEPROM are socketed to allow for replacement.

This is a fully functional BASIC Stamp microcontroller. It is programmed using our PBASIC DOS or Windows Editor just like the BS2-IC module.
The documentation includes a complete bill of materials with three sources and part numbers for each component. The BASIC Stamp Windows editor and BASIC Stamp Manual may be downloaded separately if you donít already have them. Measures 5.1 x 5.1 cm (2"x 2"). Please note that the lower power mode is only available when the regulator is removed and the BASIC Stamp module is powered on the vdd.


BASIC Stamp 2 OEM Manual (.zip)

OEM BS2 Schematic (.pdf)

OEM BS2 Schematic (.pdf)



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