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Opto-22 8-Channel I/O Module

For Stamp Controller Industrial Interface Board



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BR837320 67.37
The Stamp Controller Interface connects directly to the Opto 22 8-channel I/O mounting rack for an easy high-current switching solution. The Opto 22 I/O board accommodates up to eight I/O modules. Parallax stocks the 60 VDC and 120 VAC output modules, and 10-32 VDC and 120 VAC input modules. The board uses a 5 VDC power supply from the StampCI for control power. The BASIC Stamp 2 series can take inputs from all 8 relays and power all 8 relays when the Opto 22 rack is used with the Stamp CI Board.

Opto 22 Documentation (.pdf)

Output 60VDC Module
Input 10-32 VDC Module


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