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NX100 Basic Stamp 2p 24/40Pin Development 

Board With Parallel LCD



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BR838137 213.01
The NX-1000-24/40 Development Board is designed based on the NX-1000 but includes components which are specifically for the Basic Stamp 2p 24Pin (BR848261), Basic Stamp 2p 40Pin (BR848263), and Basic Stamp 2PE (BR848264). The socket accepts any 24-pin or 40-pin Stamp (BS2P40), including the Javelin Stamp and BS2p40. This board also includes a Parallel LCD and cable (not shown).

Here is the list of NX-1000-24/40 features:
  • RJ-11 for Blue Dot Receptor Cable
  • Socket for 24-pin and 40-pin Stamps
  • 16 Discreet LEDs
  • (4) 7-Segment LEDs
  • Parallel LCD Connection for the included 2x16 Parallel LCD
  • Audio Amplifier (LM386)
  • Piezo Speaker
  • (2) 10K Potentiometer
  • (4) Pushbuttons (pulled-up)
  • 5 channels High Current Driver (ULN2803)
  • Pulse Generator
  • 1 RS-232 Connection
  • PCF8574A
  • DS1621
  • DS1307
  • L272M DC Motor Driver
  • 12 VDC 1 amp Power Supply
A BASIC Stamp or Javelin Stamp is not included with this programming board. Click on the respective links to select a Stamp.

Blue Dot Receptor Cable
BASIC Stamps Overview


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