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Basic Stamp Board of Education


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The Board of Education Revision C has two major changes from the Revision B. The jumper near the servo connectors will select either Vdd (5 V) or Vin (unregulated input voltage) to power the servos. The three-position power switch is either off (0), power to everything but servo connectors (1), or power to everything (2).

The Board of Education is available here as a separate programming board.  The majority of the Stamps in Class curriculum requires a BASIC Stamp 2 with a Board of Education. The BOE was designed in coordination with our educational customers to teach microcontroller programming and interfacing. Even if you arenít using our curricula, itís still an ideal project board for instructor-authored BASIC Stamp lessons.

Some of the features:
  • Mechanically interlocked power supply to prevent dual connection of wall-pack and 9-volt battery
  • DB9 connector for BS2-IC programming and serial communication during run-time
  • P0 - P15 I/O pins, Vdd and Vss connections brought adjacent to 5.1 x 3.5 cm (2" x 1 3/8") breadboard area
  • Includes set of ten (10) color-coded 22 gauge wires
  • Female 10-pin dual row connector for optional Add-on (more breadboard space)
  • Traces on top of the board show connections between BS2-IC and breadboard connections

A BASIC Stamp or Javelin Stamp is not included with this programming board. Click on the respective links to select a Stamp.

Board of Education - Full Kit
BS2 Starter Kit with Board of Education



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