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Elements of Digital Logic


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BR110008 27.09
Elements of Digital Logic is a hands-on introductory Logic course that is relevant for today's student. The course covers: basic, combinational, sequential logic, problem solving methods and solution design. Along the way, the student is exposed to: simple DC circuit theory, schematic symbols, number systems, simple BASIC Stamp 2 programs.

Chapters 1-4 are based on the Parallax Logic Simulator software. Here, students gain an understanding of logic concepts, gate operation, type of signals, and truth tables. A familiarity of where the inputs and outputs are relative to each device helps minimize the possibility of wiring errors on the hardware.

Chapters 5-9 are based upon the Parallax Digital Trainer and exposes the students to more complex logic elements and concepts. The derivations of logic elements and design solutions of simple logical problems are covered using Boolean Algebra as a tool.

Chapter 9 is the projects chapter with the BASIC Stamp 2 (not included). Each project is implemented three times: in hardware, in software, and as a hybrid. After critiquing the hardware and software approach, the hybrid is designed to exploit the strong points of each previous solution.

Successful completion of this course gives the student two possible methods of solving real-world problems. Also, the student would possess the skills necessary to derive the most correct solution for the problem. The hands-on approach of this course produces a confident student possessing practical problem solving skills.

This course is designed for a lab-style environment, lending itself well to a class where students work in pairs. Appendices are provided as reference material so that this book may "stand alone" for individual instruction.

The Digital Trainer Board is included in the parts kit(#28159-$79) and in the parts and text kit(#28201-$99). At the bare minimum, you will need the Elements of Digital Logic parts kit, power supply, and serial cable to complete the experiments in Chapters 5-8. For Chapter 9, you will need the preceding items and a BASIC Stamp 2 (sold separately).

New! Close up of Digital Logic Trainer Board
Elements of Digital Logic Text v1.0 (.pdf)
Digital Logic Software Small Install (378 KB)(.zip)
Digital Logic Software Large Install (3.65MB)(.zip)
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