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Tank Track Links and Pins 

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BR510415 .0.47
Minimum 10 Links Recommended

If you've been looking to move from wheels to tracks but have been disappointed with rubber bands and timing belts, these heavy-duty tracks are for you. Each link is injection-molded from ABS, and the links are held together by 1/16" stainless steel dowel pins. The track is 0.9" wide, and the pins are spaced approximately 0.54" apart. The tracks are smooth for operation on one of the most common assembled track with wheelstypes of terrain that your robot might encounter: carpet!

The picture to the right shows a belt of 18 links, with 8-tooth sprockets on both ends. 18 links is close to the minimum practical belt size, while 50 links per belt would be getting toward the high end. We will be putting up more pictures of various belt and sprocket configurations as quickly as we can.

We offer a wide selection of sprockets for these miniature robot tank tracks



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