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The Pololu Dual Serial Motor Controller



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BR650101 21.70

The dual serial motor controller allows any micro-controller or computer with a serial port to drive two bi-directional DC motors with full 7-bit speed-control. Multiple motor controllers can be controlled with a single serial line, and they are compatible with the servo controller above. Also see the micro version below. 

The Pololu dual serial motor controller allows you to control two DC motors with almost any micro-controller. Using one serial output from your micro-controller, you can independently set each motor to go forward or backward at any of 127 speeds.

You can independently control up to 62 motors with a single serial line by connecting multiple motor controllers to the same line (make sure to use motor controllers that respond to different motor numbers). The motor controller is compatible with our serial 16-servo controller and micro dual serial motor controller, so you can control an almost unlimited number of motors and servos with one serial line.

You can purchase the motor controller as a kit so you can assemble it yourself (which requires soldering), or you can purchase a pre-assembled motor controller that is soldered and tested for you.

For a smaller, pre-assembled version of this motor controller that supports lower voltages, see our micro dual serial motor controller. Order the version that makes the most sense for your particular application!

Note: The Pololu dual serial motor controller is a kit; before using it, you need to assemble the controller by soldering its components onto its circuit board. You can also purchase an assembled, tested kit. To use the kit in robotics projects, you need to connect the motor controller to your own motors and robot controller. For a pre-assembled version, see our micro dual serial motor controller

Device specifications

PCB size: 1.00" x 0.85"
Motor ports: 2
Speeds: 127 forward, 127 backward, plus off.
Max. current: 1 A per motor (continuous)
Supply voltage: 5.6-25 V
Data voltage: 0 and 5 V
PWM frequency: 600 Hz
Serial baud rate: 1200-19200 (automatically detected)

For complete specifications and information on using the Pololu motor controller, including assembly instructions, see the user's guide.



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