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The Pololu Micro Dual Serial Motor Controller




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BR650411 16.30

Pololu's popular micro motor controller will get your robot running in a snap. The tiny module can individually control two motors, and you can daisy-chain multiple units to control up to 62 motors with one serial line. The new version provides up to 2 A to a single motor, or 1 A each to two motors. The motor supply can be as low as 2 V, making the unit a perfect match for small DC motors.

Device specifications

For complete specifications and information on using the Pololu micro motor controller.

PCB size:

0.90" x 0.45"

Motor ports:



127 forward and backward, off, brake

Max. current:

two motors 1 A each, one motor 2 A

Motor voltage:

1.8-9 V

Logic voltage:

2.5-5.5 V

Data voltage:

0 and the logic voltage

PWM frequency:

two motors 600 Hz, one motor 750 Hz


Module Pinout:
1    motor supply (1.8-9.0 V)
2    ground (0 V)
3    logic supply (2.5-5.5V)
4    serial control input
5    reset
6    motor 1, positive output
7    motor 1, negative output
8    motor 0, negative output
9    motor 0, positive output


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