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Solarbotics GM3 224:1 90 Deg  Gear Motor, Output

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BR770181 4.33

This 224:1 gear motor (gearbox with motor) is a great low-cost alternative to modified hobby servos or Tamiya gearboxes. The low-current motor is a perfect match for our micro dual serial motor controller, and the compact size of 2.76" x 0.886" x 1.46" (70mm x 22.5mm x 37mm) makes this unit an attractive choice for small robot designs.

At 5V, the gearbox and motor provide 50 oz.in. of torque and 38 RPM, which is slightly slower than a servo. The free-running current is 52 mA, and the stall current is 600 mA. A built-in safety clutch engages at approximately 60 oz.in.

This gear motor comes pre-assembled, with the gears fully enclosed. There are built-in mounting holes, and the output shaft is 7mm in diameter with two sides flattened.

A custom molded plastic wheel for this gear motor is available.

For a version of this gear motor with the output shaft parallel to the motor shaft, see the GM2 gearmotor. For a similar but smaller 120:1 gear motor, see the GM7 gear motor. For a faster version, see the GM9 gearmotor.

Note: This gearmotor does not come with mounting hardware, instructions, or packaging.




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