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GM6 120:1 Mini Gear Motor Offset Output



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BR770182 5.48

This 120:1 gearmotor (gearbox with motor) is a very compact 1.45" x 0.83" x 1.06" (37mm x 21mm x 27mm), and weighs only 0.7 ounces (20 grams)  perfect for building a quick, miniature robot.

This gearmotor starts rotation at 0.58 volts, drawing only 46.5 mA at 7 RPM. At 5V, the gearbox and motor provide 20 oz.in. of torque and 145 RPM. The free-running current is 88 mA, and the stall current is 610 mA. The low-current motor is a perfect match for our micro dual serial motor controller.

This gearmotor comes pre-assembled, with the gears fully enclosed. A clutch limits the output torque to approximately 25 oz.in. (which is produced at 6.5V, drawing 650mA) to protect the gearbox and motor. The unit has one mounting hole, and the chrome-finish output shaft is splined with a 0.8" (2mm)-crest diameter.

Custom plastic wheels (BR770190, BR770191, BR770360, BR770361) are available for this gearmotor.

For a version of this gearmotor with a 90 degree output shaft, see the BR770183.


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