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Solarbotics GM12a, Mini Metal Gearmotors


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The Solarbotics GM12a, GM13a, GM14a, and GM18 gearmotors are compact, high-quality motors with metal gears. The first three motors in the series are very similar to the Sanyo NA2S, NA3S, and NA4S, respectively. The major difference is that these Sanyo motor look-a-likes have brass front faceplates (not steel ones), and they cost less!

These miniature metal gear motors have 3-mm diameter output shafts that mate fairly well with any 1/8" hole output device, including the Solarbotics RW2 high-traction rubber wheels. The brass faceplates have two mounting holes threaded for 1.7 (dia) x 0.35 (mm/thd) x 4mm long screws (M1.7 x 4 mm).

These small motors come in a variety of gear ratios, have a compact size (1.14" x 0.39" x 0.47"), and weigh only 0.29 oz, making them a great choice for small robot designs  and controling these low-current motors is a snap with our micro dual serial motor controller.

Specs for the mini metal gearmotors running at 6V:

gear motor gear ratio free-run RPM free-run current stall current stall torque
GM18 30:1 1350 145 mA 480 mA 2.00 oz*in
GM12a 100:1 170 48 mA 390 mA 10.70 oz*in
GM13a 150:1 113 40 mA 370 mA 14.97 oz*in
GM14a 298:1 71 50 mA 533 mA 30.70 oz*in

Note: These gearmotors do not come with mounting hardware, instructions, or packaging. The brass faceplate has two mounting holes threaded for 1.7 (dia) x 0.35 (mm/thd) x 4mm long screws (M1.7 x 4 mm).




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