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BR980318 £33.77

The OWI Weasel Robot is a great beginner-level robot kit that teaches you about two of the most basic robotic actions: wall hugging and line following. With only a screwdriver and wire cutters, you can build a robot that feels its way along a wall with a snap-action switch or that follows a black line with its photo-sensor. Building the Weasel robot will also show you how to make a gearbox that lets you change gears. With the Weasel's selectable gearbox, you can choose whether it runs at a slow, medium, or fast speed. Watch it follow the walls through a maze (can it solve any maze?), or let it track a black line that you create with electrical tape or a black marker.


Note: The OWI-9910 Weasel Robot is a kit; assembly is required. Two AA alkaline batteries are required but not included.

OWI-9910 Weasel Specifications

Features: –Line following (infrared sensor)
–Wall following (snap-action switch sensor)
–3-speed selectable gearboxes
Actuators: 2 DC motors
Power supply: 3V (two AA alkaline batteries; not included)
Dimensions: 152 x 98 x 73 mm (L x W x H, not including bumper wire and tail)
Weight: 280 g (not including batteries)


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