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Robot Eye?

Optical Sensor in Plastic Housing



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BR800200 2.33

A great way to add an "eye" to your robot, and it even looks like an eye!

This optical sensor is encased in a rugged plastic housing, and the housing provides a convenient mounting hole (use a 2/56 or 4/40 machine screw). 5" hookup leads.

The housing incorporates an integral lens that focuses light onto the sensor inside. The device measures 3/4" in length, by approximately 5/16" in diameter. The overall length of the mounting tab is 1/2".

Hookup can be accomplished using the standard voltage divider. We recommend a 1M ohm resistor between the black lead (which also serves as the output) and V+. The yellow lead connects to ground--and yes, polarity matters. We tested the sensor at 5 vdc. Voltage swing is between 0 vdc for no light, and about 4.8 vdc for full light. Color sensitivity is visible light through infrared.

Use these for line tracing or edge detection (with a suitable illumination source), or as a general-purpose proximity detector. This device will detect the passing of a human or animal from several feet away, as long as there is sufficient reflected light.



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