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IR Controlled Motorised Tank

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BR981111 26.90

This 1/32 scale model motorized Abrams tank comes with an infrared remote control that operates the two treads independently. Each of the tank's motors can be individually controlled forward and reverse. 

You can play with this nifty toy as-is, or hack it as a tracked base for your next robot. The tank is powered by 4 "AA" batteries; the two-stick remote control uses 2 "AA" batteries.

Length of the tank (not counting the cannon) is 24cm, width is 11.3cm.

The tank weighs over 730g, but nearly 420g is the die-cast metal body. The body is easily removed with three screws. This leaves just the chassis, which contains the battery compartment, speaker, geared drive motors, and tread assembly. Put a piece of wood, plastic, or metal over the chassis and you have an instant tracked robot base.

Weight of the drive chassis alone, with batteries, is 370g. The treads each provide a 16.5cm length of contact to the ground. This robot is best over wood, concrete, grass, and dirt.

A unique feature of the drive system for this tank is that the geared motors are clutched. This prevents damage to the gears of the motors should the treads get caught up in anything. Current draw of each motor is 500 mA under normal load, and 1 Amp at full load -- at which point the clutch engages and prevents further stalling of the motor. The current measurements were taken at 4.5 volts, the approximate output voltage from a bipolar H-bridge (such as an L298) when operated at 6 volts.

The 46cm long treads are made of durable rubber. The tread engages over sprocketed drive wheels and eliminates slippage. Eight guide rollers keep the tread flat on the ground, and make it nearly impossible for the tank to "jump" its track.

If you're looking for a hackable tracked base for your robot, this is it! We think it's one of the best currently available, and at a decent price.


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