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Mirror-finish "Chrome" Disc Base



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BR988305 5.19

Give your robot that polished-metal "Terminator" look with these mirror-finish disc bases. They are constructed using an aluminum layer over one side of a sheet of optically clear 1/8" thick acrylic plastic. The result is a glass mirror-like appearance.

These bases are precision cut and drilled, using computer-controlled routers. The mirror finish is on one side; on the other is a gray protective coating applied over the aluminum metal layer. If you wish you can paint over the gray coating with another color.

A thin film of removable plastic protects the disc. Strip off the plastic before you use the disc in your next robot project.

Available in diameters from 100mm to 8", with pre-drilled holes. The center hole is 3/8" diameter; there are 12 equally-spaced 1/8" diameter holes 1/2" from the outside rim of the disc (1/4" for the 10 cm and 5" discs). You can, of course, drill additional holes as needed.


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