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Octabot Expandable Robot Platform



A Real Practical Robot Building Experience





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The Octabot is an expandable robot platform. It measures 105mm at its widest. This flexible base is a double-deck three-wheeled mobile robot, driven by two modified R/C servo motors.

The Octabot gets its name from its unique octagon-shaped top and bottom base. The bottom base includes cut-outs for the two 2 1/2" diameter rubber-treaded wheels. With its high floor clearance, the Octabot travels over all kinds of surfaces -- wood, concrete, asphalt, tile, vinyl, even carpet!

A quality 1 1/4" ball-bearing swivel caster provides balance for the robot. The Octabot can be driven forward or backward simply by reversing the direction of its motors. The robot turns and spins about the center axis of the motors.

The Octabot weighs one pound without batteries. You can readily add 3-4 more pounds with little worry. Bear in mind that the heavier the load the slower the robot will travel. We recommend a maximum of about 5 pounds total weight.

This affordable Octabot comes with:

  • Two already-modified R/C servo motors (they're ready-to-run--no disassembly or soldering required). 
  • Two heavy-duty 2 1/2" diameter wheels (note: we are now supplying rubber-treaded wheels that are lighter, but still as strong, as the "skate" wheels pictured.)
  • Precision cut double-decker base made with rigid expanded PVC--strong but very light
  • Plastic-reinforced 1 1/4" length deck risers (4)
  • Ball bearing swivel caster
  • All assembly hardware

Just add brains and you're ready to go! The Octabot kit works with dozens of micro-controllers, such as the Basic Stamp, Parallax Board of Education, IsoPod, Basic Micro Atom, OOPic I and II, BasicX, SIMMStick, PIC, AVR, and many others.

The Octabot is easy to assemble--takes less than 20 minutes, and requires only a screwdriver.

As with most of our kits, the Octabot can be completely disassembled -- that's great news for teachers on a budget. No glues or tapes! You can purchase one Octabot kit for the class, and students can take turns building it. When they're done, just take it apart for the next set of students.

The base panels of the Octabot are designed with 3D CAD, and cut using a high-speed precision computer-controlled router. Mounting holes are provided, and you can readily cut and drill the panels to suit your needs.

For the technically curious, the panels are made with rigid expanded PVC, known for its durability and strength, yet it's very lightweight. Expanded PVC provides just the right amount of strength but without all the weight of heavy acrylic plastics or aluminum. You don't have to worry that your robot is too overweight to roll on the floor--the Octabot base panels weigh under two ounces, yet provide the same support as heavier materials!

With the dual decks of the Octabot, you have over 125 square inches of mounting area. But should you need more space, you can order one or more extra decks. The decks include the necessary riser hardware. Each deck provides about 40 square inches of usable surface area, or double that amount if you mount to the underside of the deck.

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