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16 Servo Controller Kit




This is a general purpose, 16 servomotor serial controller. It can communicate with PC or other type of device to download program to control up to 16 servomotors. This board also has its own memory to story program so that it will enable robot to operate as independent unit.



    • Micro processor: AVS series, AT90S8535

    • Interface: RS232, 9600, N81

    • Servomotors output control: 16

    • Supporting servomotor type: VIGOR, FUTABA and HITEC

    • Output pulse ( servomotor turning degree): T=20ms, VH= 0.5~2.5ms (0`180 degree)

    • PCB dimension: 53x60mm

    • Power input: 5V, 6V, GND.

    • Accuracy: 0.72o/step


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    BR650100 45.80


The most common application environment is shown as below:

Interface Port:


Pinouts on JM-SSC16:

Cable of connecting JM-SSC16 with PC serial port:



DB9F Connector (to PC COM port)

RJ11 Connector (to JM-SSC16)

DB9F(5) RJ11(1)-GND

DB9F(2) RJ11(2)-TXD
DB9F(3) RJ11(3)-RXD
DB9F(5) RJ11(4)-GND

RS232 Communication Protocol of JM-SSC16

Real-time control:

Byte sequence 1 2 3
Value 0xff Servo NO. (1~16) Servo position(0~250)

Download control:

1. Servo position command:

Byte sequence 1 2 3~18
Value 0xfe Movement step NO. (0~59) Servo position (0~250)

2. Download ending command:

Byte sequence 1 2 3 4 5 6~10
Value 0xfe 64 Total steps (0~60) 1 Movement speed (slow~fast)  (1~250) undefined (0~255)

Mini Servo Explorer CD



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