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Small High Torque Low Voltage 90 Degree Geared Motor



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      BR770003 4.93



1. Small compact size

2. Light weight

3. High output torque

4. Low voltage (3.0~4.5) for motor drive

5. With output-overload protection


NO. Itmes Rating/Description
1 Voltage suggested 3.0V DC Constant between motor terminals.
2 Direction of rotation Bi-directions
3 Operating Temperature Range -20℃~+50℃
4 Storage Humidity Range 20%~70%
5 No Load Speed (1:220) 89+/-10% rpm
6 No load current 0.15A Max
7 Stall torque 0.35 kgfcm
8 Stall Current 0.39 A
9 Weight 30g
10 Mechanical Noise

Note: At no load operation with a distance of 100mm between the microphone and the motor is applied on the mechanical noise test (motor rated voltage: 3.0v)

Gear box noise:75dBA (max)

background noise:50dBA (max)


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