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BR983333 £197.29

This is a low cost robotic arm model with 7 mini-servo motors. These motors provide one (1) degree of freedom each to the robotic armís base, arm, forearm, fore wrist, back wrist, and its clamp and enable them to move within a 80o freedom. Together with our mini-servo control card and the mini-servo Explorer software, it creates a formidable platform for robotic arm enthusiast to explore the various movement and positioning of such a popular item. Through careful programming, one can accurately position this robotic arm to perform various complicated movement in continuation.

Base: Has mechanism to mount on table top, it contains the control card, and has connector for power and programming download.

Turning wheel system: There are ball bearing between the turning wheel and base. There are three (3) servomotors in this system to control its movement. There are marking on the turning wheel to indicate the degree of turning of its movement.

Connecting arm: It is used to connect each of the servomotors so that user can expand the arms space of movement.

Servomotor: This is the power center of the robotic arm. IT has positioning capability within a 10o-170o space. The positioning is programmable with our mini-servo-Explorer software and it enables the arm to perform very complicated positioning and continuous movement.

Clamp: It can open and close through programming. Simulate human handís action in taking and releasing objects.

Power outlet: connect to outside power source.

Signal connector: connect to PC for program download.


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